8 Health Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

cold shower benefits

We hardly think of an early morning shower with cold water as beneficial. The idea is chilling, and you will avoid it at all costs. Scientific has however proven that taking that cold shower early in the morning could have beneficial effects to your health.

In the following article, you’ll learn the eight proven health benefits of that much-dreaded cold shower and why you should consider taking them more often.

1. Boosts Immunity

A study done in 1993 showed that taking a cold shower increases the level of your white blood cells which fight diseases. While taking a cold shower, your body increases its metabolic rate in an attempt to warm itself. This, in turn, causes a spike in the production of white blood cells that help to fight infections and boost your immunity.

You should incorporate cold showers into your daily routine if you want to stay healthy and reduce the risk of infections. This is a natural way of fighting diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. Increases your level of alertness

The idea of a cold shower in the morning is horrifying rather than refreshing. You should, however, consider taking a cold shower in the morning because you’ll be more alert and energetic for the most part of the day compared to someone who had a hot shower.

Cold showers promote intake of oxygen through deep breathing experienced when the cold water lands on your body.

It also increases your heart rate which in turn boosts your level of awareness and alertness. You should consider doing this daily for a boost of energy throughout the day, and this will increase productivity in your personal and professional life.

3. Reduces Stress

It is impressive and surprising to learn that hydrotherapy has been used for many years to relieve stress, anxiety, and feelings of self-doubt. It is recommended that you should take one minute long cold showers every day helps to reduce stress.

As the water hits your body you, it activates your sympathetic nervous system which increases blood levels to your brain. The cold water also stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, a hormone which makes you feel good about yourself. It also fights depression and promotes mental health at the same time.

4. Promotes Weight Loss

After taking a cold shower, your body generates heat by burning fat to counteract the sudden drop in temperature caused by a cold bath. There are two kinds of fats under the adipose tissue, the white fat and the brown fat which is activated when taking a cold shower.

The brown fat is activated to provide warmth to your body when you expose yourself to freezing temperatures. It gets broken down to produce heat and at the same time help you lose that extra pound. So if you keep this practice up, you’ll end up losing weight though it might take longer for you to notice.

A cheaper alternative to a fat burner like Ultra Omega Burn.

6. Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

Washing your hair with cold water has hidden benefits that you might not be aware exist. Science backs this up through numerous documented studies. Cold water is suitable for both your hair and skin.

Cold water constricts blood flow to your hair and skin which maintain the natural oils required for growth. Hot water strips your body of these oils that are essential for healthier skin and hair.  It leaves your hair and skin dry, irritating and itchy.

Studies also show that taking cold showers over time make you appear younger and energetic. Cold water on your face also ensures that your pores remain closed to prevent entry of dust, bacteria, and oil which end up clogging them.

6. Improves the Quality of Sleep

After a long day, it’s usually best to unwind by taking a shower. In most cases, we opt for a hot shower not aware of the health benefits just a switch away. A cold bath is beneficial to both your mental and physical health more so when you are tired.

Take a cold shower right before you retire to bed to promote the quality of your sleep. Taking a cold shower lowers the core temperature of your body which is essential to reset your internal clock just before bedtime.

It also improves circulation to the vital organs in your body, help you relax, and this promotes sound sleep. It is recommended that you should take a cold shower one hour before bedtime for deeper and quality rest.

7. Increases Testosterone levels

Testosterone is a sex hormone which is vital in the development of the male reproductive system. Taking hot showers can negatively impact the testes and interfere with the production of quality sperm leading to infertility due to its high temperature.

If you are a man and want to increase your testosterone levels, take a cold shower. Cold water lowers the temperature in the testes, and this boosts the production of the male hormone, testosterone. The cold temperature also promotes the production of sperms, and this boosts fertility in men.

8. Post-Workout Recovery

Cold water has anti-inflammatory properties, and this is important after strenuous activity. It provides relief to aching muscles and aids in muscle recovery. It also promotes vasoconstriction of blood vessels, and this prevents bruising during a workout. Just like an ice pack, cold water numbs your nerve endings providing instant relief to pain.

As you exercise, your muscles are prone to tears which tend to be painful. By taking a cold shower, you promote healing and muscle strength. Ice pack plays a role in post-workout routines and injuries due to this specific reason.

Health benefits associated with a cold shower are endless, and all you need to do to achieve them is to switch that heater off and allow the cold water to fall on your body. Take your time. And it gets easier from there. Your body will adapt to it, and you’ll reap the health benefits that come with taking a cold shower. In the end, the benefits will surpass any challenge you may have gone through.

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