9 Must Follow Ways To Keep Your Liver Healthy

The high number of patients being diagnosed with liver problems every month is increasing. The liver is a large organ in your body that plays a crucial role.

Experts reveal that this organ performs above 500 functions including processing of food in the body and blood filtration.

The liver also produces certain proteins that facilitate blood clotting. It also detoxifies chemicals, breaks down hormones and metabolizes medications.  There is therefore great need to keep this organ healthy so that it can continue functioning properly. Use the following techniques to improve the health of your liver.

1. Manage medicines correctly

Are you taking particular medication for a specific condition? The digestive system metabolizes drugs, and then the liver breaks them down. This implies that the wrong usage of medicines can damage the liver. Painkillers are one of the substances that are abused. A lot of us rely on paracetamol to relieve pain. Though the medicine works, taking it strains the functioning of the liver.

Take any drug according to the prescription and avoid mixing them. Instead of self-medicating, visit a doctor to help you find better solutions to health complications. Go through the instruction on the label of medication to understand the right doses and what time you need to take your drugs.

2. Use protection during sex

Most people know that unsafe sex causes diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, and Gonorrhea. Conditions such as hepatitis rarely cross our minds. This is a virus that is also transmitted through unsafe sex. They are different types of hepatitis including A, B, C, and D.

The first three types are dangerous since they damage the liver. Hepatitis C and B can also come out of having multiple partners. The B type sometimes is transmitted from sharing syringes and needles. You should, therefore, use protection during sex to avoid these complications.

3. Observe your weight

Another cause of liver disease is obesity. This increases the risk of getting the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The disease is also linked to other complications such as cardiovascular problems. Excess weight tends to accumulate in critical body organs like the liver and affect normal functioning.

Look for ways to shed some fat by exercising, going on a diet or even by taking a natural fat burner like Ultra Omega Burn so that you can maintain healthy levels of blood glucose, blood pressure ranges, cholesterol, and a healthy liver. You can also reverse NAFLD during the early stages by minimizing the amount of fat you take.

4. Exercise

One of the sure ways of reducing weight is through exercises. Being physically active allows the body to form triglycerides necessary for fuel. They also help in reducing fat in the liver. Get into a training program and start with aerobic activities such as swimming, walking or cycling. Weight training can also boost the functioning of the liver.

Aerobic exercises allow your heart to pump blood well by strengthening the muscles and therefore boost the circulation of blood through the body. This means that the liver receives enough blood for enhanced filtration.

5. Remain hydrated

Taking enough water can be hard, but it is possible. Water hydrates the body and helps in reducing toxins that affect organs such as kidneys, the bowel function, and the liver. A dehydrated liver makes it hard for it to detoxify the body properly. Water ensures that your blood contains enough fluid content. Not taking enough water causes the blood to thicken. It hinders the liver from detoxifying waste.

6. Observe a balanced diet

What you eat also affects the functioning of body organs. Though body cells metabolize glucose, liver cells are the only ones responsible for handling fructose. Taking high fructose content overwhelms the liver and causes damage to it. You should, therefore, reduce foods with high fructose content and sugars such as soft drinks and sweets. Instead, choose natural sugar sources like fruits.

Having a balanced diet brings many healthy benefits along with it. It makes you feel better, your brain works better and your skin gets a youthful glow to it.

You should also avoid foods with refined carbs and saturated fat such as white rice, bread, and pasta. Trans fats are unhealthy as they increase the amount of cholesterol in the body. Stick to foods that give you high fiber content like whole grain bread and cereals. They also aid digestion and prevent you from conditions such as constipation.

Take a lot of vegetables to gain vitamin C necessary for preventing diseases. Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels, mustard greens, broccoli, and cauliflower are healthy for the liver. They contain compounds such as sulfur which facilitates the detoxification process.

7. Avoid drugs and alcohol

For the liquor fans, taking high amounts of alcohol can damage liver cells. Liver damage causes accumulation of unhealthy fat, inflammation, and cirrhosis. Start reducing the amount of liquor you take and stick to only one glass a day.

Take steps to quit alcohol all together with the help of rehab for the sake of your liver. Drugs not only cause addiction but also affect body organs. Most people who use them share syringes which can lead to the rapid spread of hepatitis.

8. Consider taking herbs

Herbs are traditional remedies to promote the normal functioning of the liver. For instance, herbs such as Milk thistle seed contains silymarin which helps in the detoxification process. It can also help you get healthy cholesterol levels and boost digestion.

9. Do not expose yourself to toxins

Do you work in a factory that emits gases? You should always protect yourself from inhaling dangerous fumes. Such gases do not only cause respiratory problems, but they are also toxic to the liver. Toxins can come in the form of spray paints, fungicides, aerosol or insecticides.

Always put on gloves and face masks to avoid breathing in dangerous chemicals. If you work in such a factory, you should take a lot of fluids like water and milk. You should also ensure that you wash vegetables thoroughly before taking them to eliminate any insecticides on them.

Final thoughts

Making adjustments in your lifestyle can help you improve the health of the liver. Start practising the above steps today and reduce the risk of getting liver disease. You can also protect yourself from liver diseases through vaccination.

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